We are Google Student Ambassadors at University Of Jordan , Which are a part of Google Student Ambassadors (GSAs) at Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and simply we act as a official point of contact between the University Of Jordan and Google.

Google Student Ambassadors (GSAs) around the world are the liaison between Google and their university.

Google Student Ambassadors program offers university students around the MENA region the chance to receive training from Googlers on various areas of work and knowledge which range from technical sessions about Google products and also non-technical sessions.

Google Student Ambassadors program aim to instill this knowledge within the GSAs in order for them to host their own events at their respective university campuses in order to share this knowledge with their fellow university students and introduce them to the many helpful tools which can improve the quality of their life and education.

Google is the real fun Life and knowledge, So welcome to Google world and be ready for a days packed with fun and Google surprises :)

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